Suitable for Small events

Imagine yourself transported to a place where music is the language of the soul. A place where every note carries you away on a journey of emotion and harmony. With our package of musical options, you can choose your own adventure; for those seeking the elegant refinement of classical music, our solo Pianist, Solo Violinist, and Solo Cellist offer a masterful performance of the greatest compositions of all time. 

The Piano-Violin and String duo (Violin and Cello) provide a more intimate setting, with the enchanting interplay between the two instruments. For those seeking a fusion of classical and contemporary, our Fusion duo (Violin and Piano) delivers a unique blend of old and new. For the ultimate experience in orchestration, our string string quartet (acoustic) transport you to the grandest of halls with a rich and full sound that will leave you breathless. Regardless of your choice, our musicians will take you on a journey you will always remember.

- Solo Pianist 
- Solo Violinist 
- Solo Cellist 
- Piano Violin Duo 
- String Duo (Violin & Cello)
- String Trio (Classical music: Schubert, Bach...) 
- String Quartet (acoustic) (most requested)


Upscale events (customizable)

Welcome to a world of luxury and refinement, where music is the centerpiece of your event. Our upscale package offers a range of musical options that will elevate your experience to the next level. Our most requested option, the String Quartet + Sound System, is the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of grandeur to their event. Our state-of-the-art sound system amplifies the rich and full sound of the Quartet, ensuring that every note is heard with crystal clarity. For those seeking a more intimate setting, our Soloist + Sound System and Piano Violin Duo + Sound System provides an enchanting and romantic experience. 

For those looking to swing to the rhythms of the Jazz age, our Jazz Trio and Quartet provides a smooth and sophisticated performance that will transport you back in time. Whatever your preference, our musicians will take you on a musical journey that will leave you enchanted and captivated.

- String Quartet + Sound system (most requested)
- Soloist + Sound system 
- Piano Violin Duo Sound system
- LUX Duo (Cello & Piano) (most requested)
- JAZZ Trio
- JAZZ Quartet


One of the kind events (customizable)

Welcome to the Royal Package, where the refinement of live orchestral music meets the height of luxury. Our musical options have been curated to provide an experience that is truly unforgettable.

To enhance the elegance of this experience, we offer a stunning white baby grand piano, which serves as a magnificent centerpiece for any event. The Lux Duo (Piano and Cello) offers a rich and full sound, made even more exquisite with the addition of a white baby grand piano, creating an ambiance of sheer opulence. Our String Quartet with sound system is a favorite of many, providing a full, rich sound that fills any space with enchanting melodies. For those who want to indulge in the grandest orchestral experiences, our Royal String Orchestra (8pc) offers a breathtaking display of talent with a repertoire that spans centuries. 

For those who want to go even further, we offer the 16pc and 32pc+ Grand String Orchestra, which provides an unmatched immersive experience in its grandeur. With the addition of a sound coordinator, every note will be expertly balanced to ensure an unparalleled listening experience. Indulge in the Royal Package and let us take you on a journey of music and luxury you will never forget.

- Solo Pianist + Amps + add White Baby Grand Piano
- Lux Duo (Piano & Cello) + add White Baby Grand
- String Quartet + Sound system + sound-coordinator
- Royal String Orchestra 8pc(most requested)
- 16pc and 32pc+ Grand String Orchestra
-  Jazz String Orchestra 

Studio recording:

Our Studio Recording services provide a personalized and professional recording experience. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional sound quality and technical proficiency to bring your creative vision to life. Whether you are a solo artist or a full band, we can accommodate any genre, from Bach to BeyoncĂ©. 

Our TV and Movie recording services provide a tailored approach to meet the demands of your project, ensuring that every note is captured with precision and clarity. We offer both in-studio and outdoor recording options for commercial recordings, depending on your needs. Our recording techniques ensure that your project will stand out from the crowd with exceptional sound quality that will captivate your audience. Let us bring your vision to life with our Studio Recording services, where technical expertise meets artistic creativity.

- session musicians

- 4pc+ recording any genre, Bach to BeyoncĂ©
- TV & Movie
- Commercial recording - in-studio or outdoors

Backing Orchestra:

We offer a range of options to elevate your concert or large event to new heights. Our string quartet or orchestra backing provides a rich and full sound to enhance performance. Whether you are a solo artist or part of a larger ensemble, our backing orchestra will help bring your music to life with an added dimension of depth and complexity. We offer a range of ensembles, including 4pc, 8pc, 16pc, and 40pc+, depending on the size of your event and the scale of your vision. 

Our experienced musicians are dedicated to providing exceptional quality and technical proficiency, ensuring that every note is perfectly balanced and expertly performed. Let us be your partner in creating an unforgettable performance that will inspire your audience. With our Backing Orchestra services, you can be sure that your music will be elevated to its fullest potential.

- String Quartet or Orchestra backing for Concerts or large events
- 4pc, 8pc, 16pc & 40pc+